Provision of Free Legal Assistance to Asylum Seekers


Provision of free legal advice to asylum seekers


Provision of Free Legal Advice to Asylum Seekers in Cyprus is a project funded by the European Refugee Fund and the Republic of Cyprus. This project will compliment the additional projects run by Future Worlds Center’s Humanitarian Affairs Unit. It’s mission is to provide asylum seekers with free, confidential, independent legal advice and representation, throughout the asylum procedure, and ensure access to a fair and effective examination of their case.

Overall Objective

Provision of Free Legal Assistance to Asylum Seekers’ mission is to to provide free, confidential, and independent legal advice and representation, to asylum seekers throughout the asylum procedure and to ensure that they have access to their rights.

In short the action aims to extend the provision of free legal assistance to asylum seekers, by;

  • Ensuring asylum seekers receive well informed legal advice, representation, and assistance on their individual asylum cases throughout the asylum process.
  • Increasing the number of asylum seekers who receive these services provided by the Future Worlds Center’s Humanitarian Affairs Unit.


The action will specificaly focus on assisting asylum seekers, who are currently undergoing their 1st and 2nd instance during the asylum procedure. The following services will be provided to asylum seekers by competent and experienced legal professionals;

  • Information on asylum procedures, the refugee status process, access to rights, and compliance under national, and EU, refugee law.
  • Representation throughout legal procedures, both before the Asylum Service and Refugee Reviewing Authority.
  • Representation services include representation during personal interviews, representation to asylum seekers in detention facilities, and preparation of comprehensive and well-argued appeals brought before the relevant reviewing body.
  • Written and oral Interventions towards the appropriate authorities on issues related to the asylum procedure, determination process and access to rights.
  • Interpretation wherever needed by experienced and confidential interpreters will be utilized to provide free legal services to non-Greek or English speaking asylum seekers.

Period: 20/1/2015-30/6/2015


Website: http://www.freelegaladvicetoasylumseekerscy.org/index.php/en/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FWCProvisionOfFreeLegalAssistanceToAsylumSeekers?fref=ts

Wiki: http://futureworlds.eu/wiki/Provision_of_Free_Legal_Assistance_to_Asylum_Seekers


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