Raise funds and Awareness


Organise a fundraising event

Create your own event, hold your own social get-together, and support our cause!

What are “Social Events” for refugees and asylum seekers?

Social events are a great reason to get your classmates, a group of work colleagues, friends, and family together to raise much-needed funds for our project. Think about what you and your friends like to do and then find a way to raise money through that activity. It could be (almost!) anything.

The money you raise will be put to immediate work in helping us assist asylum seekers and refuges in claiming their rights during this long and difficult path to integration. Every little effort can help, not only in raising funds but also local awareness.

Organise your own event for refugees and asylum seekers

Your event could be a poetry reading, wine tasting, second-hand- items sale, pub quiz, film night, fancy dress, or even sky dividing and running a marathon… the ideas go on and on!

How to raise money:

• Charge an entrance fee or ask for donations

• Organise a raffle or auction

• Sell items and donate the proceeds

• Request donations from people you know and local businesses

Things to think about:

• Where could you hold it – your house, school, nearby park, your local café?

• Who are you going to invite?

• When is the best date?

• How – can friends help you run it?

• Fun – entertainment and music are usually a good reason for people to come!

• Promote – tell everyone you know. We can also help with this bit!

• Involve local business and newspapers, often they can contribute.

Get in touch with us to find out more before get started.

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