Get involved as a company


By partnering with Future Worlds Center, your company can have an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of people.

We can talk to you and explain in detail how a partnership can benefit your company and your employees, while transforming the lives of asylum seekers and refugees.

What are the different ways we can work together?

There are many different ways in which we can work together to further the fight for human rights for everybody. For example;

• Donating as a company

• Nominating us to be your Charity of the Year and spread the word about our cause

• Sponsoring one of our events or projects • Payroll giving*

• Match funding*

*What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving lets your employees make donations to charities of their choice directly from their pay. They can donate as much or as little as they want. Payroll Giving is simple to operate and it can help you to build good relations with your employees. Charities benefit because they get regular donations to help them with good causes.

*What is Match Funding?

The majority of the projects that we apply for are not totally funded with Structural Fund money. Europe will normally contribute between 45% and 75% towards the total cost of a project. The rest must be contributed by the project sponsor(s), and this is known as match funding. Match funding refers to the amount of non–European funding required to make up the full cost of the project. The percentage that Europe contributes, is known as the intervention rate, and will vary according to which priority and measure the project falls into.

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