The Humanitarian Affairs Unit is one of Future World Center’s Units.

Through its work it responds directly to the needs of vulnerable populations by addressing issues of rights’ violations, marginalization and social injustice, with a focus on asylum seekers and people under international protection. The Unit has been offering free multidisciplinary support to these populations since 2006, along with specialized support services to victims of torture, violence, and trafficking, within these populations.

Our Objectives
– Promote human rights and social justice
– Contribute to an inclusive and tolerant society
– Advocate for the rights of refugees
– Address social inequalities, poverty, and exclusion
– Combat racism, xenophobia, and discrimination

What we do

Legal Advice: Our Legal team provides free, confidential, and independent legal advice and representation, to asylum seekers and refugees.

Social Advice: Our team works holistically, providing counselling and practical advice to the beneficiaries. By liaising with the public authorities, we advocate for beneficiaries when accessing their basic social and economic rights.

Psychological Support: A team of trained psychologists and psychotherapists offers support to asylum seekers and refugees who have survived torture, violence, and trafficking.

Awareness Raising: Our team seeks to influence both government policies and public opinion, so that asylum seekers and refugees living on the island are treated fairly, and Cyprus upholds its human rights obligations.

Some of our main projects
“Strengthening Asylum” has been funded by the UNHCR Representation in Cyprus since 2006. It aims to ensure that asylum seekers have access to a fair and efficient refugee status determination procedure. Additionally, it advocates for asylum seekers and refugees to access their rights as outlined in the law, including their integration into the Cypriot society.

– Provision of Free Legal Assistance to Asylum Seekers is a project funded by the European Refugee Fund (ERF) and the Republic of Cyprus. This project will compliment the additional projects run by Future Worlds Center’s Humanitarian Affairs Unit. Its mission is to provide asylum seekers with free, confidential, independent legal advice and representation, throughout the asylum procedure, and ensure access to a fair and effective examination of their case.

”Improvement of the Situation of Asylum Seekers in Cyprus” is a project funded by the Federal Republic of Germany. The project aims to take a holistic approach by working both at the individual and the societal levels. By offering legal services, we will respond to the needs of the target population, who are one of the most marginalised groups in the country and by launching public advocacy and awareness-raising activities we will affect xenophobic public attitudes, discriminatory state policies and practices in an effort to make Cyprus a more inclusive and accepting host society. This projects works complimentary to the other projects of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit.

Detailed info on all current projects can be found under the ”Current Projects” page 

Head of Unit: Corina Drousiotou

You can find more information on our wiki page:



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