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A holistic approach to rehabilitation for torture survivors

Torture, extreme violence and cruel treatment are some of the reasons people leave their countries to look for a better life. Too often, however, migrants and refugees also face human rights violations on their journey or at their destination. Experts estimate that around 90 percent of refugees who travel through North-Africa are torture survivors. “Our … Continue reading

AIDA Update: Wrong counts and closing doors

The reception of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe Cyprus update drafted by Corina Drousiotou and Manos Mathioudakis of Future Worlds Center (Read full report here) Europe’s ongoing failure to find humane responses to the plight of refugees has led to severe difficulties in ensuring reception for those seeking asylum, according to the latest report … Continue reading

Greek Language Lessons!

We are very happy to announce the beginning of Greek Language Lessons in our offices! The lessons are aim to provide refugees with the confidence, skills and tools required to enable them to effectively communicate in Greek Language. Our two amazing teachers have the skills, dedication and patience to help them along the way. Lessons … Continue reading

Teaching at Kofinou

Sahar is a resident of the Kofinou Reception Center for asylum seekers. She really missed her job as a teacher back in her country so she decided to help the children staying at Kofinou that don’t know how to read and to write to learn and develop their capabilities. Sahar was really proud to assist the children and … Continue reading

New clothing storage room at the Kofinou Reception Center

***** It’s finally done!! Yesterday, after herculean efforts, we finished organising and setting up the clothing storage room at the Kofinou Reception Centre. The storage room, as you can see from the pictures below (before and after), will host all donations received in the previous months and all donations that will be made in the … Continue reading

ECRE Annual Conference 2015 – With winter approaching ECRE urgently calls on Europe to act

The Annual General Conference of the European Council for Refugees (ECRE) took place the past week in The Hague. Future Worlds Center (FWC) is an active member of ECRE and participated in the three days of the conference. Apart from workshops and discussions, the conference included the General Assembly of the Council, where members voted … Continue reading

SDDP Co-laboratory (Saturday 03/10/2015 – Sunday 04/10/2015 )

  Our two day co-laboratory using the effective method ‘Structured Democratic Dialogue Process’ (SDDP) took place at the FWC’s offices on Saturday, October 3rd  and Sunday, October 4th. The co-laboratory occurred under the project “Improvement of the Situation of Asylum Seekers in Cyprus” funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Nicosia. The … Continue reading

Launch of new project by FWC: Promotion of alternatives to detention

Since September 2015 Future Worlds Center through the Humanitarian Affairs Unit has started the implementation of a new project named “Promotion and implementation of alternatives to detention in Cyprus” hoping to bring about a positive change in the Cypriot society. This program is under the funding of the international organization EPIM (European Programme for Integration and … Continue reading

Δωρεά σχολικών ειδών για τα παιδιά στο Κέντρο Υποδοχής Προσφύγων στην Κοφίνου απο την Παγκύπρια Ενιαία Οργάνωση Μαθητών

  English text follows Δωρεά σχολικών ειδών για τα παιδιά στο Κέντρο Υποδοχής Προσφύγων στην  Κοφίνου απο την Παγκύπρια Ενιαία Οργάνωση Μαθητών Την Παρασκευή 11 Σεπτεμβρίου στις 14:00, η Παγκύπρια Ενιαία Οργάνωση Μαθητών (ΠΕΟΜ) μαζί με το Future Worlds Center επισκέφθηκε το Κέντρο Υποδοχής  Προσφύγων στην Κοφίνου όπου εκει μέλη της ΠΕΟΜ δώρισαν σχολικά είδη … Continue reading

What can you do to help refugees in Cyprus and beyond?

  We are all witnessing the dramatic situations that refugees face in the worst refugee crisis since World War II. We have noticed that many people are wondering and asking how they can help. We might not be in the entry point of tens of thousands of refugees but ιn Cyprus too, we have refugees that … Continue reading

Workshop on reproductive health at the asylum Reception Center

  Workshop on reproductive health at the asylum Reception Center Continuing our work on the social support and the efforts for better integration, Alexia, Tonia, Maryann, Petra as well as other volunteers visited the Kofinou Reception Center for Asylum Seekers last week to conduct a women’s workshop on reproductive health. Asylum-seeking and refugee women are … Continue reading

Αποφοίτηση από το Εκπαιδευτικό Πρόγραμα για ανήλικους ασυνόδευτους αιτητές προστασίας

‘’Ελπίζω τα όνειρα μου να βγουν αληθινά. Όσοι βρίσκονται στην ίδια θέση με μένα να μην τα παρατήσουν και να ελπίζουν. Όταν ελπίζεις μπορείς να παλέψεις και να αντιμετωπίσεις τις δυσκολίες. Είμαι χαρούμενη γιατί μου δώσατε την ευκαιρία να έρθω σχολείο και να μάθω πολλά’’ Nasiya, Σομαλία Έγινε πρόσφατα η αποφοίτηση από το Εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα … Continue reading

AIDA report: conditions in Cyprus for refugees fleeing persecution and war are still a far cry from EU standards

Ακολουθεί κείμενο στα Ελληνικά   FWC’s contribution to AIDA report: conditions in Cyprus for refugees fleeing persecution and war are still a far cry from EU standards AIDA’s updated report on Cyprus, drafted by NGO Future Worlds Center, has been recently published providing extensive information on asylum conditions. The AIDA project is jointly coordinated by … Continue reading

Hunger strike of stateless Kurds from Syria is escalating Position of NGO group regarding the regulation of the status and rights of Ajanib Kurds from Syria – Απεργία πείνας Κούρδων Σύριων: Κοινή ανακοίνωση ΜΚΟ

Ακολουθεί κείμενο στα Ελληνικά       On Thursday May 14th at 3 pm Kurdish refugees from Syria are protesting outside the Parliament demanding a just treatment from the Republic of Cyprus. After months of mobilizations, four protesters are already on a hunger strike, in a last effort to show the difficult status of their … Continue reading

Cleaning Cyprus in a day!

  Yesterday on Sunday we participated together with UNHCR Cyprus and asylum seekers from Kofinou Reception Centre in the ”Let’s do it Cyprus – Cleaning Cyprus in a day campaign”. We wore our gloves, grabbed our garbage bags and picked up garbage on Mackenzie beach in Larnaka on a bright sunny day, managing to gather around 10 … Continue reading

Closing of the Kofinou Integration Project – 7 weeks of learning and development

  The 7-week Kofinou Integration Project closed its first cycle last Friday, April 17th, with a small celebration for the students at the Kofinou Reception Centre for asylum seekers. In a series of seminars and courses the residents of the Centre learned information and practical skills each week regarding Health and Hygiene, Employment, Education, Legal … Continue reading

No child left behind…except the children of war

A deeply touching photograph of a little girl went around the world a few days ago. A little girl in a Syrian refugee camp who has her arms stretched up in the air, surrendering to the camera which she had mistaken for a gun. We have all heard a lot about the drama of Syrian … Continue reading

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