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Women’s Empowerment Group 2015

Eleven women joined their powers and for eleven weeks they met consistently and created the most powerful Women’s Empowerment Group by now. The purpose of the Group was to empower female refugees through  personal and social development.

This was achieved through solid interactions among the members of the group, but also through the sharing of experiences, thoughts and perceptions, in a trust and safe environment.  Weekly agendas included issues like strengthening self-confidence, stress management techniques, searching for opportunities, the impact of emotions in our lives, art therapy and inspirational stories of personal experiences.


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Moreover, our Women’s Empowerment Group developed women’s leadership skills, strengthened women’s voices and ensured their personal security and well-being. The program promoted also integration within the Cypriot society.

Future Worlds Center would like to congratulate all the women who participated every week in the Women’s Empowerment Group. Finally, a big thank you goes especially to our facilitators who were in charge of organizing the meetings and did an outstanding job in the last couple of weeks.


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