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Capacity Building Workshop (Saturday 05/12/2015- Sunday 06/12/2015)


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A two-day ‘Capacity Building’ workshop for refugees and asylum seekers was organized last weekend, Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 6th, by Future Worlds Center.

As part of our empowerment work with individuals and organised groups of asylum seekers we aim to promote the refugees’ participation in the public sphere and their participation in public decision-making procedures that affect them.

This can be achieved by continuing the efforts for empowerment and capacity building of refugees and the development of their communication and leadership skills. Initially this took place through a workshop with the collaborative ideas of the persons of concern themselves through the use of the method of Structured Democratic Dialogue Process. The participants elaborated their views on how an organization can represent them.

The primary goal of this subsequent workshop was to provide refugees and asylum seekers with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop possible strategies on to how to function an organization run by refugees for refugees. In general, there were many topics covered during the workshop and we would like to thank both trainers, Med Yassine Enaem and Eleni Michail, for their outstanding job of sharing their expertise with the participants.

We would like to thank all participants for their time and effort. We will continue to organize trainings and workshops that will help vulnerable populations develop the necessary skills that are required to represent themselves and their community as well as present their challenges and demands to government authorities more effectively.

The workshop was a part of a series of consultative workshops, under the project ”Improvement of the situation of asylum seekers” funded by the  Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cyprus.


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