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SDDP Co-laboratory (Saturday 03/10/2015 – Sunday 04/10/2015 )


12067855_10156130855205254_219503474_nOur two day co-laboratory using the effective method ‘Structured Democratic Dialogue Process’ (SDDP) took place at the FWC’s offices on Saturday, October 3rd  and Sunday, October 4th. The co-laboratory occurred under the project “Improvement of the Situation of Asylum Seekers in Cyprus” funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Nicosia.

The primary goal of this workshop was to gather together refugees and asylum seekers under one roof to discuss and develop possible strategies as to how to create together an ideal self-run organization and in what ways that organization can best represent their interests.

The total participant number was 13. At the beginning of the workshop the participants got informed about the process and how SDDP mechanism facilitates. Afterwards, the participants introduced themselves in turn and then they represented and clarified their current ideas to the rest of the group. Here are some of the ideas that were brought up:

  • Smooth integration of refugees in society                                                          12083870_10156136108720254_279914658_n
  • Provide support for children and women who are victims of violence.
  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Help to learn cultures and traditions in Cyprus
  • Provide different workshops and training courses.
  • Teach skills instead of easy solutions
  • Educate the society on refugee issues
  • Represent the organization in other countries
  • Organize the refugees as a power to fight for their rights
  • Create a formal website of the organization
  • Help refugees to lobby for scholarships and job seeking
  • Increase national awareness about refugees’ issues and how people should treat refugees
  • The organization should know and inform people about the asylum procedures

In general, there were many topics covered during the workshop and the facilitators did an outstanding job of sharing their expertise with the participants. At the end of the workshop the establishment of an organization ‘run by refugees for refugees’ was considered essential.

Future Worlds Center would like to thank all those who came to the SDDP workshop. We are very encouraged by the level of attendance and engagement during the event.  We are very appreciative of the information and ideas we have gathered through your input. Both facilitators and participants were a great group and their enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.




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