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Solidarity by young Cypriots #refugeeswelcome


The three young organizers (George Demetriou, Iro Katsantoni and Andrea Papakosta)

The three young organizers (George Demetriou, Iro Katsantoni and Andrea Papakosta)


On Saturday 12 of September, the Pan-European Day for Action for Refugees took place outside of the presidential palace. During this solidarity protest, Future Worlds Center approached the organizers and managed to interview Iro Katsantoni, an eighteen year old high school graduate.

Iro together with George Demetriou, and Andrea Papakosta decided to organize the protest in order to take action for the current events. Specifically, she noted ‘’we noticed that there weren’t any organized actions, everyone knew the facts and the current situation, but no one was doing anything. So we took the initiative because we wanted to do something’’. Iro was surprised by the people’s reaction to the protest in social media and was expecting eagerly to see how many people will actually be present on the day.

When asked if they received help from government authorities or organizations in organizing the protest Iro told us that during the last few days many government authorities, organizations, and political parties, expressed their interest to assist them. The young organizers wished the protest to take place without it being under the aegis of any organization.

‘’It’s {was} simply a pure humanitarian action, to state our solidarity along with other European member states in the context of the European day of Action for Refugees which is tomorrow .We don’t oppose the government or snub any political party, but as individuals we are fully independent and we do not support any political party and we wanted our protest to share these views too. ‘’

Furthermore, Iro explained how she is so interest to the issues of refugees, asylum seekers, and different humanitarian affairs.  ‘’It’s not a hobby for me, I believe it’s everyone’s duty to have an interest to these kind of matters, and to help in all ways possible’’. Now, Iro is getting ready to start her bachelor’s degree in Law at a university in the UK. After her degree she wants to work in the field of international diplomacy .She is extremely interested in working for an NGO too.

After our short interview Iro had a lot of questions about the newly rescued refugees and how the asylum procedure will work from now on.  Future Worlds Center would like to thank Iro Katsantoni for her time, efforts and good work and wish her all the best in the near future.


Iro Katsantoni

Iro Katsantoni


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