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What can you do to help refugees in Cyprus and beyond?


We are all witnessing the dramatic situations that refugees face in the worst refugee crisis since World War II. We have noticed that many people are wondering and asking how they can help. We might not be in the entry point of tens of thousands of refugees but ιn Cyprus too, we have refugees that fled from Syria and other countries of the Middle East and Africa and are struggling to survive and provide the necessary for their families. We can also do something to help in relation to immediate needs.




  • Refugees in Cyprus are in need of certain things, among others, that if anyone could provide would be of great help for them. These include:

Shoes (preferably sneakers)
Children and baby clothing
Baby food and pampers 
School supplies
School uniforms
Toys/books/drawing material
Hygiene products (sanitary pads/shampoo/soap/toothpaste/) 
Baby furniture

You can bring them at Future Worlds Center, Promitheos 5, or contact elena_had@futureworldscenter.orgalexiasolomonidou@futureworldscenter.org




  • NGOs and groups that are active rely on donations to continue providing support. In these difficult times we do not expect something beyond capabilities but there are ways to help. Have a look at more info and ways that you can help in this aspect: Raise funds and awarenessGet involved as a company

In addition, these NGO’s and groups could be in need of various items such as computers, printers and other office equipment, and furniture.



  • We always have opportunities for persons who wish to volunteer. According to your skills you can offer some of your time to provide support in language lessons, administration, accounting, legal services, fundraising or mentoring. Our Humanitarian Affairs Unit offers a series of classes, workshops and support groups. Volunteers with ideas on offering/teaching a subject are welcome. See contact below.



  • Get informed and inform. Getting to know the necessary information about the situation of refugees and asylum seekers is vital for the engagement in society in support of them and to protect them from racist and discriminatory practices. Follow us and other NGO’s, as well as UNHCR, on our social media and websites, read critical news and commentary around the world and subscribe to our newsletters.
  • The support and integration of the refugees is a social need that needs to be covered primarily by the state and its social services and not to be left just to private initiatives. Be critical of political efforts building a fortress Europe. Demand and expect more from the government, the state, the political parties and the European Union in regards to the above and exert pressure on these institutions any way you can. Be active in local or international anti-racist movements and push any labor union in your workplace to actively incorporate and empower any refugees that are employed there. Don’t forget that the reasons that refugees flee their homes are often connected with the political, economic and military activities of our own European states and our own governments. Be critical of such policies and activities. Promote, inform and remind that every human being has a right to live and to seek refuge, to protect him/her self and his/her family.

Human rights are to be enjoyed by everyone and everyone can do something to ensure this. No one chooses to be a refugee.


Contact info regarding support and donations:




Future Worlds Center – Humanitarian Affairs Unit

Promitheos 5, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22873820
10am – 3pm
1st Floor


Other relevant NGO’s and organizations:

UNHCR Cyprus



Cyprus Stop Trafficking

Red Cross

UNCRC Hope For Children



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