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Field trip to Kakopetria with the women’s empowerment group


Last week, Alexia and Georgia, social worker and psychologist of Future Worlds Center, organized an excursion to the mountain village of Kakopetria with the participants of the women’s group*.

The excursion aimed to bring together the women from different nationalities and cultures, and meet the culture of Cyprus away from the urban network, through a pleasant and creative experience. Eleven women and four children from Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Guinea and Gambia, that live in Cyprus enjoyed a day in the mountains.

DSC_0251                                                                  DSC_0289

We arranged for a guide from Kakopetria’s Community Board, to escort the group and  show us the important sights of the area. We began with a refreshing walk through the forest and the nature trail that surrounds the village. Then we arrived at the beautiful old Kakopetria, where we visited the church of ‘’ Metamorfosis tou Sotira’’, the Olive Mills and Linos Museum where they used to manufacture wine and bread.  We followed our guide  through a path with old houses built according to traditional architecture, saw the ‘’ Petra tou Antrogynou ‘’ and visited a small anti-colonial ‘’Struggle museum’’ located in the square. We ended this special day with a picnic at the park before returning back to Nicosia.

*Women’s empowerment group: The psychologists in collaboration with the integration officer and volunteers put together a program of workshops for a group of women that had the purpose to empower them and teach them skills. Subjects among others were culture, listening skills, assertiveness, sexual health, anger management and boundaries. In this group, which met weekly for 1.5 hours, 15 women participated. Countries of origin of the participants are Iran, Gambia, Somalia, Cameroon, Nigeria. The cycle of the workshops ended in June and another one will begin in September.

If you are interested in participating in the group or volunteering to practice your skills, or know someone who is, do not hesitate to contact us.



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