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Workshop on reproductive health at the asylum Reception Center



Workshop on reproductive health at the asylum Reception Center

Continuing our work on the social support and the efforts for better integration, Alexia, Tonia, Maryann, Petra as well as other volunteers visited the Kofinou Reception Center for Asylum Seekers last week to conduct a women’s workshop on reproductive health.

Asylum-seeking and refugee women are often characterized by a diverse social and cultural background that includes all aspects of life. As people seeking refuge, their journey often has an impact on their total health condition and their everyday hygiene, including their sexual and reproductive health. Due to their status they face barriers in regards to accessing health services or related treatment and advice. It is vital for them to be provided by adequate access to these services while respecting their particular religious and ethical values.

World Health Organization, defines reproductive health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being – and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes. In this context, the workshop aimed to raise awareness, regarding sexual and reproductive health issues for women residing in Kofinou Reception Center. It included warm up activities for the group, presentation on sexual transmitted diseases, on reproductive health and contraception methods, as well as information on sexual health rights.

There was a discussion throughout the workshop related to matters of concern for the participants and before the closure, a small documentary was shown. Moreover, the coordinator asked a feedback from the group. All the women found the workshop very interesting and helpful and also asked to have another workshop with similar health issues.

We would like to thank the volunteers for their valuable help and the participants for their genuine interest. A similar workshop for men residents of Kofinou is also scheduled to take place with the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers.

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