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Closing of the Kofinou Integration Project – 7 weeks of learning and development


Playing music with an oud at the closing of the project


The 7-week Kofinou Integration Project closed its first cycle last Friday, April 17th, with a small celebration for the students at the Kofinou Reception Centre for asylum seekers. In a series of seminars and courses the residents of the Centre learned information and practical skills each week regarding Health and Hygiene, Employment, Education, Legal and Social Assistance, Financial Planning, Volunteering, Goal Mapping, and many others. At the celebration, about 50 students and their families enjoyed music, food, and reading letters of support from students in the US.

This project was run completely on the work of volunteers with the initiative and planning of Maryann Ford, a volunteer in the Future Worlds Center’s Humanitarian Affairs Unit. Furthermore, volunteers Nick, Mazen, Marika and Samer were vital to the project’s implementation, as well as Elena and Tonia from Future Worlds Center who offered their expertise.

It has been a great few weeks of development and learning, in an initiative that will help the participants in overcoming the challenges ahead.

We would like to thank and congratulate all teachers, translators and volunteers for making this project possible!

20150417_174049 (1)_censored

Closing the project with a small celebration


Child Protection Officer Elena Hadjichristodoulou speaking on how to identify and resolve bullying issues at home and in school


During the project, residents practiced their employment skills by making CV’s, learning interview etiquette, and reviewing positive body language



*Due to reasons of legal protection, we cannot show the faces of asylum seekers

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One thought on “Closing of the Kofinou Integration Project – 7 weeks of learning and development

  1. This sounds like a wonderful project to help the refugees. Thank you for doing this. I am hoping to run some trips out for the refugees, please feel free to volunteer, or spread the word, thanks: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207959928622205&set=a.1360224771806.2052238.1417150659&type=3&theater

    Posted by Adam Flude | October 21, 2015, 11:15 am

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